Wonder® Bread Canada-Loved by Kids, Easy for Mom

Adapting to Canadian Families for Nearly a Decade!

Wonder® Bread has been helping Canadian Moms provide comforting, convenient and creative meals for their families for nearly a decade.   From the beloved grilled cheese to the traditional peanut butter sandwich our selection of sliced white breads and whole wheat breads, wraps, hotdog buns, hamburger buns and breakfast sandwiches offer families classic white and whole wheat tastes for every meal.

From kids sandwich recipe ideas to fill lunch boxes, to bite-sized after school snacks to easy to pack options for that summer road trip, Wonder® bread is synonymous with childhood favourites and continues to adapt to the changing needs of consumers. Check out this video.

Now Non-GMO Project Verified

Canadian parents continue to look for more transparency around their food’s origin and ingredients, and we have adapted our products to align with these expectations.

Now, in addition to including essential nutrients and no artificial flavours or colours, Wonder® bread is proud to feature a Non-GMO Project Verified line of products.

3 School Lunch Ideas for Your Picky Eaters

These are a hit for younger kids!

Nothing is more frustrating than opening up your toddler’s bento box, lunch bag or lunch box to find the meal you rushed to prepare that morning untouched. Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s them!

These three quick lunch ideas are sure to get your kids to actually eat what you prepare rather than dumping your hard work into the garbage each night.

Cookie Cutter Sandwiches

These are a hit for younger kids, especially preschoolers!
You may not have the time to bake cookies, but that’s no reason not to invest in a few great cookie cutters that your children love. From the alphabet, to stars, to butterflies or even snowmen for the winter season, your kids’ favorite sandwiches can transform into something fun to enjoy while at school.   Making your sandwich creations whimsical can help to encourage your toddler to eat whole-wheat, multigrain or even a childhood favourite like Wonder® White Bread. Try filling the sandwiches with a range of options from cheese to hummus or even butter and jam.

Mini Slider Buns

Another fun and easy-to-handle option for your little one’s lunch box are mini slider bunwiches! You may not want to send along an actual burger patty since hot food usually goes cold and tasteless by the time lunchtime rolls around, but there are tons of other options when it comes to filling your sliders. Choose your child’s favourite or, if cheese is their go-to, at least you can change it up day to day with variations on your bread choices. Slider buns are also the perfect size for lunch.

Bread Sushi

Not only is this a super easy meal to make for your little one, but it is sure to create some serious lunch table talk at school!  


·      2 Slices Wonder® White Thin Sandwich Bread
·      2 tablespoons softened cream cheese
·      2 slices of cheese (choose your child’s favourite)


·      Cut the edges off your bread
·      Flatten bread with a rolling pin
·      Lightly spread cream cheese on both slices
·      Top with one slice of cheese each
·  Tightly roll each slice of bread and cut into ¾ slices depending on how large or small you would like your sushi!

Cooking with the Kids-Simple Ideas to Share a Meal

Breakfast Sandwich Mini Pizzas
These are little handfuls of fun and a great way for your kids to choose what they want to eat at lunch. They can be made on Wonder® White Breakfast Sandwich buns and the great thing is each piece can be topped to your little one’s liking.

Mexican Roll-Ups
Another easy make and bake option to make with your kids on a weekend is made on Wonder® White 7” or 10” Wraps. The best thing is that this is truly a filling meal for the whole family especially if you pair it with some flavorful rice or salad on the side.

Good Ol’ Fashion Hot Dog
Why mess with a good thing! If hot dogs are a tried and true favourite for your kids, add another element by having them top their hotdogs in more creative ways! Grab a bag of Wonder® White Hotdog Buns, warm them in the oven or toaster oven to soften them even more and start topping. From chicken chili to sliced or shredded cheese, coleslaw or any other family favourite you come up with, your kids can continue to enjoy a classic in different ways.

With Wonder® bread, mealtime with the kids doesn’t have to be stressful any longer Mom! Check out more of our great products here.

Modern Parenting Tips on Getting Your Kids to Try New Foods

When it comes to mealtime, trying to have your kids try new foods can be a stressful endeavour. From the first solid foods that your baby will try, to introducing new vegetables or meats to your toddler and even encouraging your teens to experiment with new flavours, it seems like it never ends.

Here are some tips to get your kids excited about trying something new or at least giving some new options a chance.

1.    Stay consistent. Sometimes easier said than done! When trying to introduce new foods to young children, especially toddlers, give them five to ten chances to try it. To help you stay persistent and not get too overwhelmed with constant rejection from your little one, choose one new food at a time before moving on to the next. 

2.    Rewards system. While you don’t want to bribe your children to eat their fruits and vegetables, you can create a game around it that includes a reward. Creating a food board that lists a range of foods that you’d like your kids to try and having them choose what they’d like to venture into is a great way to give them the choice. Then assign a point system to each of the foods, allowing them to build up their points to be used towards something they’d like to have. Based on your household and parenting style you can choose to have points redeemable for a new toy, a special activity that they’d like to do, an additional hour of iPad time or maybe they can buy themselves out of a weekly chore!

3.    Get Creative. Sometimes masking a new food is the only way you’re going to have your little ones try it. Depending on what it is, try putting into one of their favourites. For example, if you’d like them to try a new fruit, consider making popsicles from the juice so that the new flavour is fun. If you’re trying to introduce broccoli try offering a yummy cheese sauce that they can dip it into or boil and chop it into small pieces and then sneak it into a classic grilled cheese sandwich.

4.    Monkey see, monkey do! Children love to try things that other kids are eating, so offering a new food when friends are over to play can open up your kid’s minds towards something new. If you’re at a restaurant with other children that is another good opportunity to have them try what the other kids are having. For example, if the other kids’ pasta has peas in it and your child is pea averse, mention that the other kids are trying them and they look delicious. Depending on your kids, they may want to give them a try.

5.    Innovation! Another great way to have your children try a new food is to be innovative in the way you present it. For example, if you’ve been trying to get your little one to eat yogurt and it’s just not happening, try mixing it into a smoothie or giving it to them in yogurt drinks which may be a little more inviting and fun for them to try.