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"Dear Santa" Another Parent Hack For the Holidays!

Write a Letter to Santa with Wonder bread

Create Some Holiday Cheer With These Free Templates

'Tis that time of year again-when telling Santa just how good they have been and what they'd love to see under the tree on Christmas morning is at the top of the kids' lists.

Wonder® bread has you covered this year with these easy to print letters to Santa for kids of any age.  Simply select the letter you'd like to print and spend the afternoon writing to Saint Nick!  Once they've completed their special note, seal it in an envelope, include Santa's address and your return mailing address and have them put it in the mail box before December 10th*

Step 1:  Click on the letter below that you'd like to use.
Step 2: Print the letter and have your kiddos write to Santa!
Step 3: Seal your little one's letter in an envelope including your return mailing address.  Send to the address below before the December 10th Canada Post* deadline :

Santa Claus
North Pole
HOH OHO, Canada

But what if you forgot to send out the letter in time or are getting them to write their letters past December 10th? 

No worries, we have just the thing!

Simply select the 'Letter from Santa' template below, add in your child's name, seal it in an envelop, add their name and mailing address and leave it on the breakfast table any day before Christmas!


*Note, we love a good #ParentHack but WONDER is not running this program.  This is organized by Canada Post.  The deadline to receive a letter back from Santa is December 10th and provided by Canada Post.  Check out more about this program or if you have any questions here.


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