3 Super-Fast Kids Lunch Box Sandwich Recipes While Homeschooling!

Young child eating food in highchair

Making Sandwiches Fun Again with Wonder® bread

So you may not need to make lunch box sandwiches for a little while longer, but a great way to keep routines up for your little ones who may actually be missing school is to create a winning lunch box mea while homeschooling continues. 

These three quick lunch ideas are sure to get your kids excited about lunchtime while also finishing their meals while you jump on that next virtual call.

Cookie Cutter Sandwiches

These are a hit for younger kids, especially preschoolers!

You may not have the time to bake cookies, but that’s no reason not to invest in a few great cookie cutters that your children love. From the alphabet, to stars, to butterflies or even snowmen for the winter season, your kids’ favorite sandwiches can transform into something fun to enjoy while at school. Making your sandwich creations whimsical can help to encourage your toddler to eat whole-wheat, multigrain or even a childhood favourite like Wonder® White Bread. Try filling the sandwiches with a range of options from cheese to hummus or even butter and jam.


cookie cutters

Mini Slider Buns

Another fun and easy-to-handle option for your little one’s lunch box are mini slider bunwiches! You may not want to send along an actual burger patty since hot   food usually goes cold and tasteless by the time lunchtime rolls around, but there are tons of other options when it comes to filling your sliders. Choose your child’s favourite or, if cheese is their go-to, at least you can change it up day to day with variations on your bread choices. Slider buns are also the perfect size for lunch.

Bread Sushi

Not only is this a super easy meal to make for your little one,  but is also a lot of fun!



  • 2 Slices Wonder® White Thin Sandwich Bread
  • 2 tablespoons softened cream cheese
  • 2 slices of cheese (choose your child’s favourite)


  • Cut the edges off your bread
  • Flatten bread with a rolling pin
  • Lightly spread cream cheese on both slices
  • Top with one slice of cheese each

Tightly roll each slice of bread and cut into 3/4 slices depending on how large or small you would like your

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