Kid-Friendly Hotdog Inspiration For Any Day of the Week

Heinz Hot Dog Pact

10 Quick and Easy Ways to Use your Wonder® 10 Pack Hotdog Buns This Summer


Just in time for National Hot Dog Month, Heinz and Wonder® unveil 10-packs of buns at select grocers in Ontario. Available starting June 23rd, this epic resolution comes on the heels of the Heinz Hot Dog Pact that launched last National Hot Dog Month, urging bun and wiener companies to take action. One year and over 33,000 signatures later, hot dog fans' pleas were finally heard. In time for National Hot Dog Month, people can now BBQ without wasting wieners!

Our new, limited edition 10-packs of hotdog buns can be found at Ontario locations of No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart, Your Independent Grocer, Dollarama, Valu-mart and Fortinos.

Looking for some hotdog recipe inspiration?  We've got you covered with these quick and easy kid-friendly Ideas for any day of the week. 

1. Favourites Unite-Mac ‘n Cheese Wonder® Dog

Get your kids excited about two childhood classics; hotdogs and macaroni and cheese. Top up your classic hotdog with yesterday’s leftover macaroni and cheese and enjoy even more time outside and less in the kitchen.  Finish it off with some ketchup to make it an unforgettable go to recipe that your kids will be asking for all summer long. 

2. Pizza Wonder® Dog

Get creative with your hotdog buns and use it to make a quick and easy pizza inspired hotdog. Replace ketchup with marinara sauce, melt some mozzarella, pepperoni and anything else that you like on your pizza. Finish it off with some Italian herbs and enjoy your delicious masterpiece. 

3. Wonder® Wing dog

Save your fingers from the chicken wing mess and spice up your hotdog by topping it with your favorite buffalo sauce, crumbled blue cheese and if you want some added crunch; thinly sliced celery and carrots. 

Top this hot dog with mild Buffalo wing sauce top with crumbled blue cheese and thinly sliced celery and carrots. 

4. Loaded Campfire Chili Dogs

Wonder Loaded Campfire Chili Dogs


Get full recipe here.

5. Aloha Wonder® dog

Want to feel like you are on vacation every night this summer? Have a Hawaiian themed Luau in your backyard or poolside with friends and family. Keep the theme alive by serving up this hotdog recipe by adding cheddar cheese, mango salsa and thinly chopped charred pineapple along with some Teriyaki mayo to bring it all together. 

Teriyaki mayo sauce

¼ cup mayonnaise
3 tbsp teriyaki sauce
½ tbsp lime juice
Pinch of salt
Combine and drizzle
Optional: red onions, cilantro, and jalapeno peppers

6. Let’s Get Cheesy Wonder® dog

It’s just like it sounds-the perfect hot dog for your little cheese lovers.  Choose your kiddos favourite cheeses from sliced singles to shredded cheddar and add a bit of fun with some crunchy crushed cheese puffs or doodles after the first round of cheese is melted and ready to enjoy.

7. The Wonder® Taco dog

Who doesn’t love a good Mexican fiesta night? Here is a quick solution to bring hotdogs to Taco Tuesdays all summer long.  Taco inspired hot dogs featuring Wonder® hotdog buns.  Top your grilled hot dog with guacamole (fresh or store bought), a drizzle of sour cream, BBQ corn shaved off the cob, finely chopped tomatoes or jalapenos if the kids will go for them. Last but not least add some crushed tortilla chips and you have a fiery taco easy taco night.

8. S'mores Banana Dessert Dogs

Hotdogs buns aren’t just for wieners they are universal and can be used for more than just savory recipes. Try using Wonder® Ballpark Classics Hotdog Buns to make this unforgettable summertime dessert. Lightly toast your buns, add peanut butter, bananas, mini-marshmallows, chocolate sauce, graham crackers, and add strawberries to top off you S’mores Banana Dessert dog. 

S'mores Banana Dessert Dogs


Get full recipe here.

9. Lobster Rolls

Nothing screams summertime more than a lobster roll! To make the most delicious lobster delicacy; start with buttering and toasting your Wonder® White Hotdog bun. After toasting your bun to perfection fill your roll with the lobster mixture, garnish with crunchy potatoes chips, chives and dill pickles for a perfect summertime lunch.

Lobster Rolls


Get full recipe here.

10. Fish and Chips Dog

Fish and chips are one of the best summertime treats but, they can be a little messy. Get all the delicious flavors in one bite by putting your crispy fish in a Wonder® Ballpark Classic Hotdog Bun with tartar sauce and coleslaw for a handheld summertime must try!

Fish and Chips Dog


Get full recipe here.


11. French Toast Sticks

Leftovers happen- especially after a memorable weekend BBQ. Use your leftover Wonder® hotdog buns to make this quick and easy French toast recipe. Mix eggs, icing sugar, milk in a large bowl and soak your buns on both sides. Heat up your skillet with butter and get toasting. 

French Toast Sticks


Get full recipe here.

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