4 Ways to Make Mother’s Day About You

Mother's Day

Kid-Friendly Recipes and Ideas to Help Plan Ahead

Ma, Mama, Mamma, Mom, Momma, Mommy, Mammy, Mum, Mummy. The definition of Mom has never changed, nor has experiencing all the special moments that come with being –Mom. Nor has the work that comes along with it!

If you get trapped in just another ‘busy day’ each Mother’s Day, then read on to find a way to get some you time this year. These easy-to-follow tips can help you take some much-deserved time off and bask in the recognition and adoration that should be part of every day if we had anything to say about it!

1.   Go into the weekend free and easy

Don’t let Mother’s Day turn into “To-do Day”! For many of us, Saturday and Sunday are for chores around the house or the apartment – a catch-up time for tasks that didn’t get done during the week. But for Mother’s Day weekend, wouldn’t it be great if it started off with a clean, organized, and well-stocked home so that chores are at a minimum and the whole family can relax and celebrate YOU?  

No matter what you decide to do on your special day (see our suggestions below), set the stage with a clean, uncluttered home. That’s a gift in and of itself!

During the week leading up to Mother’s Day, get lots of help and get the laundry or meal prep done. Kids, especially if they are older, can help by cleaning their rooms or putting away laundry, etc., so you won’t have to lift a finger on the weekend.

Explain to them that you are excited about Mother’s Day and that the extra duties are so you can all have fun together on the weekend. (Check out our tips for decluttering this spring.)

Tips too Declutter this Spring

If you have any must-do personal or work emails or phone calls to make, why not put them behind you on Friday? Then you can (mostly) turn off the technology and set yourself up for a tranquil “me” weekend.

2. Ask for a gift a service

If it’s Mother’s Day, that means it’s spring! With that comes some around-the-house jobs to get set for summer. Instead of asking (or hoping) for cut flowers or a box of chocolates, why not ask your partner or your child to tackle a chore as a gift to you?

For example, family members can clean up the yard or the balcony to prep for planting spring flowers. Or, they can take a trip to the nursery to get plants and flowers (and then plant them), giving you the luxury of quiet time at home. They’ll have fun presenting the “great reveal” to you when it’s all done!

Ask your significant other to help with the following or have the kids pitch in as well.

8 Things to Ask The Family to Do This Mother’s Day 

1.    Clean your car

2.    Fill up gas and check tires

3.    Tune up your bike

4.    Washing the windows

5.    Declutter a closet

6.    Clean everyone’s room

7.    Organize toys

8.    Groom, walk and feed the dog

Dog Grooming

Need a break in the kitchen? An adult can gift you a freezable ready-made dinner, lunch, or breakfast or take on the lunches for the week in advance! If you're lucky maybe you sneak can get a few weeknight meals in there as well.

Here are some quick and easy-to-make lunch ideas or dinner ideas for kids that you can share as inspiration as well.

Kid and Freezer-Friendly Enchiladas

Kid and Freezer Friendly Enchiladas



Get the full recipe here

Make Ahead Brekki Sandwiches

Make Ahead Breaky Sandwich



Get the full recipe here

Check out more quick and easy kid lunch ideas here

Rainbow Veggie Sandwich

3. Breakfast buffet

Having breakfast in bed is a traditional Mother’s Day treat, but this year, why not ask your family to create a breakfast buffet? You get to sleep in as the family preps breakfast in the kitchen, so there are no crumbs in bed or messy spills outside of the kitchen.

Request that the kitchen be shiny clean and the coffee on for your arrival post-sleep-in.  What’s on the menu? It’s your choice, of course, although you might like to be surprised.

The buffet could include your favourite fruit, juice, toast, breads, muffins, and spreads. Or, request something new like one of these budget-friendly breakfast recipe ideas that the kids will enjoy as well.

Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burrito

Get the Full Recipe here

Peanut Butter French Toast

Peanut Butter Stuffed French Toast

Get the Full Recipe here

French Toast Sticks

French Toast Sticks



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Eggs in a Basket

Eggs in a Basket

This fun recipe uses heart-shaped cookie cutters so kids can create cutouts and share their love with you!

Get the Full Recipe here

For something that says spring and Mother’s Day, request Strawberry and Cream Cheese French Toast Roll-Ups.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Roll Ups

Get the Full Recipe here

Put your phone and laptop away and indulge – perhaps with a fun magazine you picked up and some soft music. Alternatively, to make it interactive and fun for the kids, have some photos ready to share.

Show kids what they looked like as a baby or otherwise reminisce about the good times you have had with them as a mom.

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4. Go Missing in Action

Sometimes, busy moms just need some alone time! Maybe there is something you like to do or used to do in the past that you just don’t have time for anymore. A partner, relative, or friend can watch the kids while you get to do your own thing for an hour or two.

To make it easy for them, set the kids up with their favourite movie and one of these kid-friendly sandwich recipe ideas so you can get away for some rejuvenating me-time.

Go shopping, get your nails done, browse a bookstore, go for a nature walk, go for a drive, go to a coffee shop and read – or just stare out the window. Sometimes just a half-hour or hour of alone time is all you need to come back to the family refreshed and energized.


On the other hand, it may not be the alone time you need, but connecting with an old friend or bonding with a new buddy. Catching up while shopping with a girlfriend or getting side-by-side manicures is the best “me time” of all!

4. Movie and manicure and more?

Have a partner, relative, or friend watch over the kids (or take them out to play) while you watch a movie of your choice or pamper yourself with a manicure – or both.

If you opt for a movie, this is your chance to choose something no one else will watch. Or opt for a familiar old favourite. Comedies are great for feeling good and getting those endorphins going – but there’s nothing wrong with a good tear-jerker either!

The point is, it’s your choice. As you watch, give yourself a manicure and paint your fingers and toes with a brand-new, bright spring-time colour.

Want to forego the movie and go for an at-home spa day? Perhaps a steamy, candle-lit bath with some special soaps is what you need to relax and refresh.

Light a scented candle and play your favourite soothing music. It’s all about you. By taking some much-needed “me time,” you will be happily back to the mom role you love.

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