6 Easy Ways to Check Homework off the List

Quick kid-friendly recipes, tips and tricks every parent needs!

Few parents haven’t experienced the struggles and stresses of that special time of day – the homework hour! Sometimes, 30 minutes of homework can turn into hours of tears and frustration (and not just your child’s!) The challenges can seem even greater if kids are learning from home during the day – without the separation and structure of going to school, homework can seem like just more of the same screen time.

We gathered a few tips to help keep homework time from spreading into family time, fun time or sleep time, and leave everyone a little less stressed.

3 Quick After-School Snack Recipes 

Nutella and Raspberry Mini Donuts

Nutella and Raspberry Donuts

This easy-to-make recipe is sure to have the kiddos smiling after a long day at school.  You can change up the filling to their favourite flavours and even change up the dips from time to time to keep them new and exciting.

Check out the full recipe here

Sliced Bread Fruit Snack Tarts

Breakfast Fruit Tart

Is there really a better feeling than watching the kids finish off a bowl of fresh fruit without a fuss? Well, this easy-to-make snack tart recipe is a great way to serve up berries, apples, bananas, and more in an edible bowl of their own.

Check out the full recipe here.

Word Game Pepperoni Pizza Melts

Word Game Pepperoni Melts

It doesn’t get any easier than this!  Pizza is a favourite no matter what time of day, and this quick and super simple kid-friendly recipe is sure to take away the hangry in them before getting down to finishing their homework.  

Check out the full recipe here

Tips and Tricks

1. Timing is everything

There’s an old expression that applies here: H.A.L.T., which means try not to do anything important when you are hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. This applies especially to children, who might have trouble seeing clearly if they are experiencing any of the above.

If you find yourself with hangry little ones after school, having fun and a delicious after-school snack ready to go can save both you and the kids a lot of unnecessary stress!  Here are a few quick and easy recipe ideas that are perfect for pre-homework munchies.

Before you know it, they will have enjoyed a delicious snack and will be ready to hit the books.

If the day has left your child emotional, angry, grumpy, or feeling lonely, maybe they need time to decompress before deciphering science, math, and reading. Playing outside might clear their little heads, as might quietly playing alone or with a sibling. Or, maybe they need to talk it out with you and get a few cuddles.

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Turkey, Bacon, Avocado Cheesy Melt

2. Empower kids

As we know, every child is unique, and each will have their own preferences and different roads to homework success. Especially for those who put up a fuss or are reluctant to do homework, letting them make decisions will allow them to feel more in control and less likely to need wrangling when it’s “that time”.

As noted above, some kids do well when they do homework soon after the school day is over, while others need a longer break before being able to sit still and focus on homework.

What about location? Does your child do better at the kitchen table, sitting on their bed or at a desk in a quiet corner? Do they need perfect silence or are they better with a bit of background noise, or a sibling working close by?

If your child doesn’t know what they want, you can try out different times, locations and scenarios to determine what works best.

3. Rules and rewards

As every parent knows, kids need ground rules and structure. Experts say that not allowing screen time until homework is done works for some kids. But many will respond with a more positive twist. For example, try saying that once the homework is done they are allowed a half-hour of screen time, or can watch a special episode of a favourite show.

Other reward options? Playtime with you! Or, even better, quality time with you that combines making a delicious snack, like hot chocolate with sprinkles, or a Wonder® inspired treat like Banana Bites or these Easy Cream Cheese and Jam Sealed Sammies.

Cream Cheese and Jam Sammies

4. Set the timer

For kids who procrastinate and have trouble with focus, consider setting a timer for certain tasks. Knowing they have 15 minutes to do their math quiz will keep them moving and focused. Plus, it makes a game of it that might turn out to make homework fun! If they don’t meet the timer’s deadline, no big deal, let them know it’s just a guideline. 

This is a good way to teach them time awareness, too, and how to set and achieve goals. It can also take the “overwhelm” out of a task if they know it will likely only take a short time. Before you know it, homework time is over!

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Wonder Bread 5 Outdoor Activities Header Image of Mother and Father playing with child

5. Be present

Kids like to know that mom or dad is around if they have a question to ask – or if they do something well and would like a well-deserved, celebratory high-five! Some parents find that bringing their own paperwork to work side-by-side with their children is a good practice. Or, you can always bring a novel or magazine and turn it into a bit of you-time. 

Here, too, you might want to set limits, by telling kids they can ask you only three questions about their homework. That way, they learn to figure things out on their own as much as possible and learn to push themselves to find their own answers.

6. Break the rules

Rules are meant to be broken! Some parenting experts say it’s OK to change up rules like “No screen time/playing/snacks until homework is done. Circumstances change, children change and there is no one-size-fits-all-all-the-time solution.

Getting homework done all in one go is not the only way to go! Try breaking up the homework as an alternative, so that writing or math can be done earlier and reading can be done after dinner and before bedtime. Who knows, they may even read more because they want to stay up later! 

If they have finished their school-related reading, you can also let them treat themselves (in print) to another favourite book to read alone or with you.

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