6 Fun Ideas to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Extra Special

Celebrating the kiddo is no easy feat!

If your kiddos have a birthday coming up in the next few months, you may still be unsure about being able to celebrate them in ways that were considered normal a few years ago.  From party rooms to playrooms or even having large groups over to the house, social distancing and variations in people’s comfort levels have changed how Canadian parents are willing to celebrate which means they are going to have to keep up their creativity when it comes to celebrating.  

The good news is that this birthday doesn’t have to feel any less special (and may save you some money!) with these 6 easy ways to create some birthday cheer at home.  

6 Easy Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday at Home

1.  Decorate Your Yard

You may not want to share the day with a big group of kids just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still create excitement for your little ones.  One great way to do this, while also letting the entire neighbourhood know it’s a special day is with lawn decorations.  You can create something yourself with balloons, outdoor decorations and signage that you can find at your local dollar store or party store, or hire a company that provides this service to do the work for you.  The great thing with lawn décor is that you can do it any day of the week and will be an awesome surprise when they wake up and look out front or out back in the morning. 

Check out these fast and easy breakfast recipes to get the day rolling with something extra special like Eggs in a Basket or One Pan Breakfast Cups

Or let them pick from 4 Fun Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas Using Sliced Bread 

Sliced Bread Recipes perfect for kids

2. Decorate the Entire House

Once you’ve got the outside of the house taken care of get started inside!  While the standard “Happy Birthday” banner during the cake cutting is already likely on your list, there are tons of other ways to take this year’s birthday décor to the next level!  Balloons are a must, and if you don’t want to go into the store to purchase helium filled ones you can still opt to blow them up yourself or use a pump.  At the end of the day balloons flying high or on the ground, tied to the banister or taped to the wall are fun no matter how you fill them.

From there, plan out different décor for each room in the house to keep the excitement never-ending throughout the day.  You can include special birthday notes in each room that they can discover over the day, theme up your décor by room and include a different activity in rooms of the house as well, like a piñata in the family room, pin the tail in the dining room and fun signs or accessories in the kitchen to snap some birthday shots with for your next Instagram story!

Birthday Party Decorations and Celebrations

3. Video Compilation from family or friends

Another way to make your kids feel extra special with potentially less friends and family at a party is to share a video compilation.  You’ll need some minor editing skills for this one but there are tons of apps that you can download to help bring it all together.  Ask friends and family to record a special video message and have them email or text it to you a few days before the birthday.   Play all those videos for your child and let them glow with pride. Depending on how old your child is you can send them the video via email or to their phones with a special birthday wish, set it up on the television and watch as they soak in the love as a family or share it with them on your computer while enjoying a birthday treat like this Sliced Bread Fruit Snack Tart

Breakfast Fruit Tart

4. Super Hero Video Calls

Having a video message from friends and family is pretty awesome, but having your favourite character or superhero give you a call…. that’s hard to beat! There are a few companies that offer this service as well as Cameo which will allow your child’s favourite character to create a personalized message for their special day.  Plan this one at least a few weeks in advance to be sure that the message is delivered on time. 

5. Host a “Fancy” Dinner Party

If your kids are in the mood for something fancy and fun, you could set up a dinner party to celebrate their big day at home with a restaurant setting in the dining room or kitchen. 

Step one: create their favourite meals for the menu.  
Step two: set the table (opt for plastic dishware from your local dollar store if you have younger kids!).  
Step three: get all dressed up and don’t forget to take a family picture before heading to the ‘restaurant’.

Now it’s up to you if you want to play host/server for the evening or join them at the table, either way, they’re sure to get a kick out of it.

Check out some quick and easy kid-friendly recipe ideas to help keep your time in the kitchen to a minimum leaving more time to celebrate. 

Bread Pasta Pie

6. Virtual Parties – With a Host 

Platforms like Zoom has become a part of our everyday lives now, and hosting a virtual party has become an even bigger trend. That said, an unorganized Zoom Party can feel like more of a headache than a good time, especially with little kids.

Have a party planner or host help you with your party to create more of an event than a free-for-all. Consider a cooking class, games or challenges that kids can participate in easily from home.  

Host a Virtual (Zoom) party

Another fun way to get the kids engaged while preparing the same meal that they can enjoy during the party is to have them create their own sandwiches.  Here are some easy recipe ideas that all the guests are sure to love!

English Muffin Pizzas

English Muffin Pizza

Club Sandwich for Kids

Club Sandwich

Campfire S’Mores Sandwich

S'More Sandwich

If you really want to take it up a notch you could also have packages delivered to each invitee’s house before the party which would include everything they need to participate including some fun party favours!  

Smaller or virtual parties may continue to be something Canadians continue to do but luckily we have a lot of technology and platforms to make it feel like everyone can be nearby.  

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