Peanut Butter – a “No-Go” for the classroom

Make an easy lunch the kids will want to eat 5-days a week.

Being a parent can feel like a challenge when it comes to ensuring that your little ones are eating well, have full tummies throughout the day and enjoy what you pack in that bento box all while ensuring you’re not including any allergens that aren’t allowed.

Depending on your school policies (check out your school’s rules if you are unsure about nuts/allergens or peanut-butter substitutes like WowButter) it can sometimes be hard to make an easy lunch the kids will want to eat 5-days a week. Find more Back-to-School Lunch Ideas

While peanut butter and nuts are great, there are lots of options out there that can be substituted into recipes whether the kiddos like peanut butter or not and Canada’s Food Guide is a great reference to find what works for you and your kiddos when meal planning for the week: Food Guide Canada

Peanut Butter Recipe Swap-Ups

1. Apple, Peanut Butter and Cheddar Melt

The combination of apple, peanut butter and cheddar paired with Wonder® Texas Toast is a tasty treat so to make this one lunch box friendly, swap out the peanut butter for egg salad or turkey slices, and cheese. If meat isn’t an option, seeds are also a great way to add flavour and texture to this sandwich that will mix it up-who knows, they just might find a new favourite!

Peanut Butter, Apple and Cheddar Melt

MOM TIP: Putting their lunch in one container makes it harder for them to forget or leave it behind.

Check out the full recipe here


2. Peanut Butter, Banana And Bacon Sandwich Dipped In Honey

This one is an easy switch to take a weekend favourite into a weekday lunch box staple. Simply leave the PB in the cupboard and pull out plain or flavoured cream. The cream cheese, banana, bacon and honey combined together will have them begging for more!

Peanut Butter, Bacon, and Banana dipped in Honey

Check out the full recipe here.


3. Banana PB&J With Seeds Towers

The bananas and the seeds are the hero of this sandwich tower, so swapping out the peanut butter is easy! You’ve already got the strawberry jam in this recipe, so why not add some honey, or another flavour to really change up the taste of this fan fav. It’s easy to make, and just as easy for them to eat!

Banana PB&J with Seeds Towers

Check out the full recipe here


4. Banana Bites

Save this Banana Bites recipe for an after-school snack or try this Banana Cream Cheese Squares recipe. This one can be put together with sliced bread or tortillas and will always be gobbled up quick! Add in some other fruit or replace the fruit for vegetables and you have a completely new lunch box option!

Banana Bites

Check out the full recipe here

Full lunchboxes and happy kiddos, just like that!

When thinking about what to pack for the kids, you need a good repertoire that you can tap into no matter what you have in the fridge or what the kids could be in the mood for.  Add trying to get a few minutes or “you time” before ballet class, swimming lessons and bedtime cuddles, and you just might thank us for our list of simple yet tasty recipes for any time of day.

These quick kid-friendly recipe ideas can be prepped and served in under 20 minutes.  And when you’re planning out your meals and considering your weekly grocery list, it never hurts to have some trusty go-to recipe ideas that can help you stay within a budget.  Don’t believe us? Just check out these recipes for $20 and Under.

Tips, Tricks and lots of Treats!

If you are still feeling the pressures of back-to-school prep, Wonder® has some tips, tricks and tools to help make the transition a little less stressful.

Get recipes, checklists and more to prep ahead

It can be a struggle sometimes when it comes to transitioning back to school and creating a fully balanced kids’ breakfast, lunch or dinner, but these tips can help you get even the pickiest of eaters to enjoy mealtime, so you can too!

  1. Ease into it
  2. Create a Checklist
  3. Get Inspired
  4. Take stock and stock up
  5. Freezer friendly
  6. Give yourself some slack
  7. Don’t forget to have fun

Easy recipes and Time-saving tips

Whether the kids are at home or heading off to school or daycare, lunchtime is a constant—planning, prepping, and cleaning up after the event!

For parents, that means keeping it fast and simple while offering up meals that kids will eat.

  1. Make ahead sandwiches
  2. Grab-and-go lunches
  3. Get creative in the kitchen
  4. Engage the kiddos
  5. Heat things up on colder days

Plan ahead when you can! Print off our latest meal planner for your fridge and make the week’s meal planning a snap!

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